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Hi, I am new. My daughter has a complicated case and I would like some suggestions. She had occas dizziness since last Feb. sometimes with a headache. Then in mid August it became almost daily. Then Late Sept the dizziness and headache came and has never gone away. She has had MRI, CT (all negative, except for what they could not see on MRI for braces). She had extensive visual and balance testing that showed a problem with her left vestibular area. Her symptoms are:
Occipital headache
Vertigo (she feels like she is spinning)
Occasional pain in left side of forehead just above eye (3-4 times a week)
frequently has double vision or sees spots in her vision (usually left eye, occas both)
frequent (3-4 times a week) sharp shooting pains in left ear
Constant nausea
Frequent vomiting (usually 8-12 times a day)
Frequent fast heart rate (3-4 times a day)
left thigh weakness
We have seen her reg. MD, 3 neurologists, 2 cardiologists and been hospitalized twice. They keep saying it is a migraine that has caused vestibular damage to the left vestibular area and she just has to learn to accept it and live with it. She is unable to attend school (on home studies) because reading or writing causes the dizziness to be worse followed by vomiting. We have tried: Amitriptyline, Topomax (caused kidney stones), Keppra, Ergotrates, Relpax, Imitrex, Scopolamine, Lorazepam, meclizine, dramamine, Kytril, Zofran, depakote, Neurontin, morphine, demerol, percogesic, vicodin, excedrin, tylenol, ibuprofen, Toradol, Ultram, vestibular rehab, bi-daily, daily, & three times weekly exercise regimen (as recommended by the 1st neurologist), wrist band from Sharper Image (electronic motion sickness band). NOTHING has even slowed this down. Currently have an appointment in Cleveland Ohio, Cleveland Clinic May 31. (pending Insurance approval). :confused: