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Gocats, I've had six Folfox treatments and six more to go. I get Kytril (I think that's spelled right in the IV on day one and Dexamethasone on day 2 (IV) and then start taking the oral zofran and oral dexamethasone on the night of day 2. My doc says the dexamethasone helps the zofran. It pretty much knocks my nausea out. I do have the extreme tiredness you spoke of though. I go to work on day 3 and for the first 2-3 days after my treatment I come home from work and crash till the next morning. as for the cold stuff, it takes me about a week as well to start to be able to drink mildly cold stuff and by the end of the second week I can drink cold things pretty well. Hang in there I know it's rough but it does get easier (or maybe we just adapt to it better)