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Christy, I thought I would respond, I haven't been on the boards in a while, but I am kind of a Type A personality and decided that I would work through Chemo. A little history I just turned 31, I was August 05, had hemicolectomy Aug 26th and was off work for 5 weeks. I went back to work full time, and worked all the way through my chemo treatments, I was stage II and had the 6 months of chemo like you every other week 5 FU, Leucovorin, and Oxaliplatin, I went on monday for 4-5 hours had the 5 FU pump and then went back the second day for 2 hrs and again home with the pump, they sent me with all the supplies and I flushed and disconnected my port by myself every time to avoid having to be around for a third day. I also had someone else give me my Neulasta shots on the third day.

I worked the entire time I was on Chemo, I took a week off (from chemo around christmas and one other week during the 6 month process.) I got Kytril the first day as pre med for nausea IV and IV dexamethasone the second day, I also took Zofran and Dexamethasone for nausea a few days after chemo. Phenegran didn't work for me because it made me too tired to work. I guess I am probably an exception to the rule, I did get some nausea, and diarrhea but it was manageable, As for work, I work as a physical therapist and actually my job involves travel throughout 5 different states, so me personally I would have chemo monday and tuesday, and would drive to my destination Tuesday night, Then I worked 10 days straight until the next chemo, would come home for the weekend and treatment and do it all over again, Basically for the first 4 days after chemo, I wouldn't do anything but work, come home and sleep. I will say I did start to have some of the side effects of Oxaliplatin after I stopped taking it (numbness and tingling in hands and feet). But it is true everyone is different, and you have to do what is best for you and what you feel your body can handle. Good Luck