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Hi all :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's DAy!!! I spent the whole day with my family plus my mom was here from Washington state so that was nice too.

JoJo, I had my chemo treatments on Monday and then returned on Tues for my Neulasta injection. With me the sternal pain hung around all the time. When it initially started it lasted longer but would come and go. My pattern was like it would come on strong then slow down, then quit, then kinda thumped thumped thumped. I felt the worse part of it was like all the little white blood cells being release cuz after the thumping was done everything would stop. Then repeat it. I would say after 1 month for me the sternal pain slowed down and wasn't as strong. My Onc doc told me the bone pain usually is in the sternal area of the chest, and the pelvis. Mine was all sternal. Are you taking anything for the pain? Me being stubborn I only took something for pain at bedtime so I could sleep better. Did you say your onc mentioned the Aleve and Claritin 24-hr? I took it twice and it didn't really do much for me but everyone reacts differently.

Is the Compazine taking care of your nausea??? Its and excellent anti-emetic but I was disappointed it didn't do a thing for me. I was luck tho because I didn't have the nausea long. They also gave me a script for the oral Kytril but I never used it. Dang expensive tho. Thats the same med they give you chemo day. I think I got 3 tablets for like $50. Terrible!!!

Are you having chemo weekly or every 2 weeks? Hang in there my friend :) One DOWN and seven to go. "High 5" !!!!

It will really go by fast :)

My prayers are with you. Thinking of you every day.