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Hi JoJo,

Welcome to the healthboard :) I take it you will be starting chemo soon? I am sorry you have to deal with that. Just take one day at a time :) I was never told I couldn't eat specific foods when I got mine. I think part of it depends on if you have any probs with nausea and vomiting.

When I got each dose of chemo they first gave me a small IV bag of Kytril to help control the nausea. For the first 3 doses I also took oral med prior to going for my chemo. The meds for nausea they have now a days is wonderful. Alot less nausea like yers ago. Zofran is another good one.

When I got my chemo they allowed us to bring cell phones, laptops, cd players with headphones. And even a snack if you want. They also had a refridgerator with water and juices we could help ourself to if we wanted. They also had snacks on the counter like crackers, cheese, cookies, chips that you can help yourself to. But each place is different so not sure what they will have where you get your chemo.

We were also allowed to bring our spouse or a friend. I had my husband go with me the first time cuz I was petrified but it wasn't as bad as I expected :) The nurses are wonderful. Ask them any question you want and they can usually answer it for you.

Do you know which chemo drugs you will be receiving? I have BC and finished my chemo 11/20/06 and my radiation 2/2/07. I received Adriamycin, Cytoxan and Taxol.

Take care and keep in touch :)