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Hi Guys,
Can something please tell me about all the different "rounds" of chemo, and do they all feel differently?
I thought it was no big deal (my very 1st round Fri)....wrong!---last night, I had so many symptoms I couldn't keep up with them. I had a weird "thickness" in my throat/neck where my very 1st sypmtoms once were. Then it seemed to upset my stomach some--followed by the "infamous" feeling of metal in my mouth. I'm taking Kytril (2nd day) for nausea/vomiting...and thank goodness I haven't been there, (vomiting) as of yet. My shoulder pain has gotten worse. I think I was thinking I was going to eek by :eek: BUT NO NO :nono: ---not me. The ole' ABVD is playing havoc with my system. My husband said, it's going to have SOME side effects, for heaven's sake...since they're zapping the crap out of those bad cancer cells...and to just take med's to handle it, plus WHERE DID MY POSITIVE OUTLOOK GO? Did it get up in the middle of the night and take my car to go to the mall??? Well...I hope it comes back soon...I could sure use a nice, long talk with it.
I thought I was armed---now, I'm not so sure.
In your experiences with chemo, is the lst one the worst---are they all the same?----Any input I'd appreciate. Thank goodness for med's. I would NOT have slept at all. Some of your very 1st posts here, with other people helped some. I guess I'm still learning.....very slowly.
I already feel 'some' better....
Do you have to take anti-nausea drugs?
I've been taking Kytril. One in the morning/one at night for 3 days.
So far, I haven't gotten queasy, but all the other symptoms are not fun at all!
I feel a "war" going on inside me! :blob_fire