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What‘s up, I’m really glad to find a place on the net that offers some support. I’m in the same boat as you guys, the only difference is I’m 22 and older than most of you posting. I first discovered that I had sebaceous hyperplasia when I was 15 and it didn’t bother me to much then, but over the years it has gotten worse and worse. I’ve had my fair share of lovers but just recently got out of a long term relationship that devastated me and now I feel like I’ll never find anyone ever again with this condition. I’ve seen 2 dermatologists in the past few months and thought I’d share some of the information I have collected.

One thing I have learned is that most of these doctors don’t care because it’s a harmless skin disorder, your going to find that no matter who you talk to the only people who care are the ones who suffer from this disorder. The fist doctor I went to was completely heartless and gave me no information, I practically had to beg him to give me a tretinoin gel that I had heard might help from the net. Of course tretinoin gel didn’t work and only burnt the sh*t out of me. It turns out that it might take 10 years for the tretion gel to work. So I decided to go get a second opinion from another dermatologist, which I’m glad I did. This dermatologist was fresh out of college and much more sympathetic to my problem and actually discussed the subject with me. He claimed that 70% of men have this but some like me have it worse and that he had seen about 10 / 15 other guys already with the same worry as me. Plus the first doctor I had seen earlier should have known that the tretinoin gel is way to powerful to put down there and that it would only burn me. Pretty much there is only one cure for the disorder and that is Accutane, but once you stop it, it comes back with in like a month. However, if your like me any temporary relief would bring about a world of happiness. Here’s the problem though, you cant get Accutane anymore. My doctor told me that since jack as*es are crashing planes and killing themselves after taking accutane and their family's then sue no one will prescribe it hardly anymore. The FDA is starting to regulate it now and are only allowing it to be prescribed for extreme almost deforming cases of acne. Which it’s extremely depressing to know that there is something out there that might help at least temporarily and there’s no way to get my hands on it. I could easily go buy crack and coke on the street but I cant get the medicine I need. Plus scientific proof clearly shows that a low dose form of Accutane clears sebaceous hyperplasia better and faster than acne.

However, the doctor was nice enough to give me a new lotion to try, he said he wouldn’t let me leave without some hope or something to try. The lotion he gave me was called Lac-Hydrin 12% which is a mild acid base, it wont cure it but over time he said it might make the skin smooth enough so it’s not as visible. I’m crossing my fingers but I still feel that it’s pretty hopeless. As far as the posts about using iodine, toothpaste, salt, alcohol that’s just a waste of time. All your doing is shrinking the pores of your skin which comes back in a few days and is more pain and irritation than it‘s worth. It’s a gland over growth there’s not much you can do from the outside. You inherit this crap from someone in your family, my dad say’s he has it and never had a problem with women, but I try to tell him that most girls today are slu-ts today. It is also testosterone related which is why after sex or working out it’s more swelled and the spots become bigger.

I have been thinking a lot lately about different cures and I think the best bet is to find a natural drug or food that is chemically similar to Accutane, which is a synthetic form of Vitamin A. I’ve already tried taking a regular Vitamin A supplement for about 4 months but that doesn’t do any good. I really don’t have the time to do any research so one of you guys should look into it and find out the chemical composition of Accutane and start searching. All I know is that we make that form of Vitamin A naturally in our livers. I hope some of my info helps you guys , keep me posted on what you all find out.