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In 1990 I had a root canal and had to take about three different anti-biotics and five different narcotic pain pills because something in one of the drugs, either the narcotics or the antibiotics was making me violently ill. The dentist didn't didn't know which one so he just kept switching them around. Finally, with the last antibiotic he gave me, I got hives, not huge hives like you have mentioned but my joints started stinging and if I put pressure on anywhere on my skin, I would get a stinging welt, not a huge one but a line around my waist where a waistband may be snug. When I slipped my shoe off, where it rubbed across the top of my foot- I got a welt.Then if I scratched it,( it itched like crazy), it would get worse and swell.oh, my gosh, it drove me nuts!!I waited about 2 weeks to let the meds clear but the hives never went away. I wasn't under any particular stress when I had the root canal- I just think my body got filled up with too many different drugs at one time.I went to the Dr. and was put on Seldane, which gave me odd heart flutters. I told my Dr. this- he said it was my "anxiety". I took the Seldane for 9 years and finally it was taken off the market for causing "heart palpitations". Anyway- the Seldane didn't work completely anyway- I would still get breakthrough hives and I could not miss a dose or I would be itching all over.Then in 1999, it was suspected that I had temporal lobe epilepsy and was put on Lamictal, Within three days at the lowest dose they start you out on- the hives completely went away. I can only assume it was something in my nervous system. Anyway- It hasn't come back since then. Just thught I'd take up thirty minutes of your time to tell you about that.Maybe it will help.(Lamictal is an anti-convulsant.)Hope you get some relief- and fast