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It took eight months for my tachycardia to weaken my heart, and put me into CHF. My tachycardia was a steady, strong 160 thumps per minute, hour after hour, day after day, week after week.

I was told that a heart that isn't able to rest will continue to weaken.

I am surprised that your doctors don't have your tachycardia under control. I am on lanoxin, which slows my heart down, and helps it to beat.

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Now that I am tachycardic most of the time (105-165 without exertion, (95-110 sleeping), my blood pressure has normalized and is even on the low side once in awhile.

That concerns me. Do you take anything for your tachycardia?

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I am not taking any BP meds. anymore -- too many fainting spells and blackouts. Has anybody else ever encountered this?

I've been fighting against my medicines for a long time. Doctors love to throw a bunch of low dose meds at patients who have complex rhythm and CHF problems. They are just hoping that something works. Trouble is, each medicine comes with a slew of bad side effects, both documented and undocumented. I really believe that the drug companies hide a lot of the bad side effects.

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The rythmn is sinus tachycardia so I am not terribly concerned. It makes me tired and is uncomfortable over 125 but other than that it is no bother.

It doesn't matter what they call the type of tachycardia that you have, the tachycardia is putting an additional stress on your heart.

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I figured the CHF was on standby since I have been feeling not so bad. Does this change indicate a worsening of CHF (compensatory elevation in heart rate)? I have always understood that dropping off of blood pressure is NOT a good thing below a certain point. There are times when my heart is thumping along at 150 or so and my BP is 85/50. The BP used to be what I was scolded about most from the doctor (180/110). Anybody know?

My main goal in trying to survive CHF is to get my heart beating as relaxed and normally as I can. I don't want my heart racing, or thumping, or jumping, or skipping or too weakly.

My worst time is when my heart is beating fast and weakly, and my blood pressure is high. To me, when the heart is beating weakly, my blood pressure should be low, because my heart isn't doing a good job. It doesn't make sense for me to have a heart beating weakly and fast, but to also have high blood pressure. When that happens, I know I am in trouble, and I go into total rest mode, and take nitro and extra Lasix.

I also experience my heart beating weakly when my blood pressure is low. That isn't as dangerous for me, because I know my blood pressure is low because my heart isn't able to pump efficiently at that time. When this happens I just go into total rest mode, but don't take additional meds. If my heart is pumping too weak to push the blood through my circulatory system, I want to take the load of my heart by resting, so my heart can relax and get back to beating correctly.

I've spent many years trying to find out which meds are the most effective for me, and which ones I can tolerate, and finding out what causes my heart to misfire with racing, or thumping, or jumping, or skipping or beating too weakly.

I have found out a lot, and have made many modifications to my meds and to my lifestyle and environment.

I am worried about you having an out of control tachycardia, especially with your already weak heart. Do you have any plans to get it under control?

Regards, and I wish the best of the holidays for you.


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