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I'm getting so frustrated. I have MVP and occasional hyperthyroid. In the past, if my rate was up, I always knew it was my throid overacting again.

Well, it's been up along w/breathlessness and my thyroid is normal. Today, I had bloodwork done (after fasting for 15 hours), then had an echo done. I have been taking Lanoxin for my rate, but don't take it until 11:00. My tests were at 10:00. Anyway,my rate was at 69 during echo. (Of course it was.....it NEVER acts up when I'm at the doc!). AFter the appt, I ate a small pecan pie and went shopping. About 30 min later, I;m just walking around and I can feel my rate up. (I didn't check it because of people around but w/my experience I would say it was about 126 beats per min. It wouldn't stop, so I quickly paid and went to my truck. (Took my meds. 1/2 of a .25 tablet).

My question: Has anyone noticed this after eating? I'm assuming it was from eating that sugar after fasting?? Usually, my rate goes up if I'm lightly exerting myself, like small stairs etc. I won't get echo results till next week. But I am YEARNING to hear from anyone that is having the rapid rate and breathlessness. Sorry this was so long. Modmomm