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Hi Keri,
I have been a heart patient since I was 4 1/2 yrs. old and I just turned 22 yrs. old. I have been diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy which is an enlarged heart muscle. This causes the blood to not flow properly to the rest of the body. Well, I have experience those irregular heart beats too. My doctor put me on something called Lanoxin when I turned 15 yrs. old. The Lanoxin is suppose to help my heart rhythm. What seems to be your problem may be arrhythmia. If your cardiologist seems not to do anything for you and you think you need special attention maybe you should change cardiologists. I know this would be a hassel but my grandfather had an itch in his throat for over 5 yrs. and his doctor said it was from being old and after complaining to one doctor for 5 yrs. and nothing was done he decided to go to a different doctor and to find out he had to have a double bypass done because his itch in his throat was a heart related problem that could have been cured or treated right away without getting worse as it did. All I am saying if you are worrying so much over this then you need to change doctors. I would have to say I have been very thankful to have such a great cardiologist. I had my cardiologist from day one. I hope this may help you some. I know the feeling of extra beats, I can feel them when I'm sleeping. One question I have for you, do you feel fatigue a lot, or having shortness of breaths while sleeping or evening at rest, and get chest pains if so these things should be pointed out to your cardiologists. I have these all of the time. I really do care for others that may experience things like this because its no laughing or careless matter. One tip if you have too much salty foods or a lot of caffine try cutting down those two things aren't what you need either they cause a lot of problems.
Take care

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