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I am 42 year old male, 6ft. 5in. tall, 270lbs. I was diagnosed with atrial fib in 11-02. I took coumadin, 200mg. of cordarone, 5mg. of vasotec. I was electro cardioverted back into sinus rhythm 1-20-03. I became depressed and was put on effexor xr 150mg. and lexapro 30mg. I was taken off the coumadin, cordarone, and vasotec 7-03. I still suffered from depression until 5-30-04 when I was diagnosed with atrial fib again. I spent Memorial Day weekend in the hospital reducing my heart rate from a steady 170, spiking to 230 down to the 60's. Now I am on coumadin, cardizem 360mg., toprol xl 150mg., lanoxin .25mg., lexapro 30 mg., and effexor xr 150mg. Since then I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea(severe). I am scheduled for consultation appointment in October at the University of Michigan for laser ablation. I am looking forward to October but in the mean time I go into severe depression. I am a road construction supervisor I have the greatest boss in the world who works with my health issues. I miss approximately 20 percent of my work. He says he will ride it out with me, I went from top three employee to the bottom one. I also have a wife, 9yr., 7yr., and a 2yr old children. From what I understand the side effects from most of this medicine is depression. Also wouldn't this be enough medicine to control the heart of an average sized horse? I am fighting for all I'm worth. How long can this go on? tomsmo