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Just an update,
I spent today in the emergency room with my dad. Last night he developped shortness of breath while lying down, and he couldn't wait until his regular apointment on friday.
At the ER, his heart rate was hovering around 130bpm, systolic pressure normal, elevated diastolic pressure. Blood work normal (no evidence of heart attack). Chest xray showed a little fluid in his lungs. They found his report from his previous echo (done this spring) which showed mild regurgitaion through 3 of the 4 valves. His heart muscle is enlarged (which we've known about for years), and other than the known atrial fibrillation, the ekg was fine.
His diagnosis was heart failure. He was given 2 IV doses of lasix, and a prescription for 2 more days worth of it, as well as they started him again on lanoxin to try and get his HR down. The cardiologist poo pood the whole family doctor's diagnosis of silent angina. His explanation was that my dad's heart muscle is enlarged from all his previous issues, and when he has been exerting himself, his heart rate increases, but has to work against the thickened muscle, so fluid begins to build up. Then his brain signals that he needs more oxygen, and tells his heart to beat faster. It is a vicious cycle, so the goal right now is to relieve the fluid build up with the lasix and then slow his heart rate with the lanoxin. He is going to follow up on Friday with his cardiologist.
Thanks for listening! :wave:
Thank you again Jack, for all your concern :angel: . My dad also thanks you!
I forgot to mention as well, that he is going to have a nuclear scan to check the blood flow in his coronary arteries.
He was on lanoxin (quite a large dose) since he began having atrial fibrillation, but his doctor took him off it this march and suggested other things (can't remember what). The ER cardiologist told him it was not a good thing :nono: that he was taken off the lanoxin, so they gave him a loading dose in the ER and he starts today on a regular dose. He was given a nitro-spray in the ER, but he never has chest pain anyway, so it didn't have any noticable affects (his HR, BP, and rhythm stayed the same). They did discover that he has atherosclerosis. His has always been very fit, and a tad underweight for his height (he is around 6'2'', and yesterday they had to use a pediatric blood pressure cuff, because the adult ones kept falling off).
Can I ask why you have been suffering with tachycardia? You may have mentioned it, but I was in a hurry this morning, so I didn't go back and check.
Thanks again Jack, I hope you have a nice day! :wave: