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Hi Sharon,

This is Kathy’s son again. I just noticed some new posts and that you were wondering about Kathy. Sorry if this post is too long…….I’ll make it brief as possible.

My mom was released from the hospital Saturday Nov. 5th. If you remember she was admitted on Oct. 18th. Her doctor NEVER really said that she had Pneumonia…and NEVER really addressed that her condition was related to MAC. She DID go home without oxygen. Her saturation?? was running about 91% without it. Another problem that made things worse when she finally wanted to be admitted is she (we think) fractured another bone in her back when she was vomiting. She has severe osteoporosis. So this hasn’t helped the healing/recovery process at all. On top of her weakened condition she developed a cough in the hospital and it is still with her today. She is just too weak to take care of herself right now. My younger brother stays the nights and I am there during the day and early afternoon. Right now she really needs 24/7 care. Through the hospital we are using a service called “Total Home Care” or “Total Health Care” An RN came out Sunday and filled out all the paper work.(Medicare). We are supposed to have a Physical Therapist (PT) an Occupational Therapist (OT), a Dietician and an RN assigned to her. I was hoping they would have a schedule for her today but no one called. I HOPE they start tomorrow. I’ll let you know. My mom is NOT watching TV, reading (used to read 4-5 books a week) or getting on the internet,etc. so I KNOW she is still NOT up to par.

I guess I do have some questions.

1)With MAC, is your immune system compromised that you easily acquire infections?

2)Could my mom just have had the flu and this was NOT related to MAC ?
I’m sure ONE of the reasons she was SO ill after going in is she had Antibiotics given intravenously. She can’t tolerate Antibiotics. So in her weakened state her body was weakened even more.

3)Does MAC suppress the appetite? I KNOW it is very difficult for her to find foods right now she will eat. Between homemade soups and custard. She is not eating what I consider solid foods. She is slowly working her way up. If MAC does suppress the appetite does anyone have any suggestions on what to do? She is drinking her ENSURE again. I was happy to see that. I DO know she NEEDS to drink more water.

4)I do know that she is on a heart med called LANOXIN (for regulating her heart) She has micro-valve prolapse?? Sp?? I found another forum on the web and someone said that DIGOXIN (lanoxin) can suppress the appetite. I’m just worried that if it weren’t for us trying to get her to eat that she wouldn’t try on her own. This is the weakest I have ever seen her. She IS using a walker. It’s hard to believe just 2 years ago she was on her treadmill for 30 minutes everyday. Just a week before going into the hospital she was walking all around Wal-Mart grocery shopping with my brother.

I don’t believe she is out of breath but I’m wondering if she needs O2 at night since she is a shallow breather.

I’m sorry if none of this makes sense…I’m a little out of order on the occurrences..

ONE other thing… My mom did have pneumonia a year ago and the Dr. gave her KAY-TEK (not sure of the spelling—just sounding it out) She said that worked wonders and she was able to tolerate it. I don’t remember her being down like this last year.

OH…after talking with the ON CALL Dr. on a weekend (not her regular Dr..) …. I THINK I know where my mom contracted her MAC. I forgot all about that until tonight. I’ll have to talk it over with her before I post.

I will try and give you a weekly update on her progress. I hope she gets her strength back soon and is on the internet doing all the things she did before this hospital stay. Thanks for caring.
Kathy’s son. (1 of 3).