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My sister and I drove 75 miles to meet my other sister half way yesterday and she had brought her daughter and grand daughter. I was so anger because we couldn't talk in front of the others. I don't know what she was thinking.

My SD is having surgery today to remove the stone, so I called his youngest sister and told her what was going on. She was very upset and said to leave it to her. She is going to stay with them for awhile and watch out for him. I told her mother would be very nice in front of her, but, she said she already knew something was going on.

I don't understand why mother will give him his coumadin and lanoxin, the 2 things that keep him alive, but, will not give him his other medicine. She's got a real problem with taking medicine. It looks like if she wanted him out of the way she wouldn't give him anything. I have been fixing his meds in a 30 day pill box and I have found where she has forgotten, or so she says to give him his meds for a few days, but, not all in a row.

I looked up elderly abuse and I couldn't believe all I was reading. Mother has been telling him he is killing her, she's going to put him somewhere, with holding some meds, talking about him in front of others. Tells everyone he wets and poops on himself, that his mine is bad, which it isn't, she's the one with mental problems.

I've told her many times not to being saying those things and she says he doesn't have any sense and he can't remember what she says.

Mother's mine is shot, and I realize the stress she's been under, but, it's been her choice to try and take care of him, and not allowing a nurse to come in. She has been so mean to his brother that he won't come very often anymore. I called and told him he needs to start coming more often and to not let mother scare him off.

My SD has a large cattle farm and his brother helped him run it, but, when he married mother she started telling him and his brothers that he had her now and they didn't need them to run their lives. She knows nothing about running a big farm. It has been one more mess.

It realy makes me angry that my SD let her run all over him, I guess since he had never been married because he stayed home and took care of his parents until they died, that he fell head over heels for mother. She is and always has been a very beautiful woman on the outside.

Does anyone understand why my SD won't say anything negative about mother, is he afraid of her or has he become so dependent on her?