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I have never been diagnosed with WPW but the symptoms are spooky. I had a pacemaker/defibrilator implant (5 yrs) in June 2005 I started getting Venticular Tachycardia attacks, was put on a series of meds to slow down the heart, make it stronger ( coreg, amioderone,altace prednisone,mexiletine,tricore,lipitor,procanbid & lanoxin) had my pacemaker replaced ( as it was on a recall) these attacks kept getting worse, my heart kept getting more irritated and more visits to the hospital because the attacks seemed to hover just below the threshold that my pacemaker was set to treat them, the docs kept lowering the pacemaker, these attacks became a weekly thing, everyone at er knew me by my first name,they would give me amioderone in the vein and then give me a jolt manually to stimilate my heart back to a normal rythym. Talk about anxiety!! finally one doc suggested ablation, i was flown to sacramento and an elotro physiologist performed the ablation, it didnt work, he did a 2nd one few days later, still didnt work, in meantime my heart was getting worse, my health was getting worse, they suggested a surgical ablation, going in and cutting out scar tissue frm previous heart attacks (5) they also replaced a valve with a bovine valve, repaired a murmer (never knew i had) did a double bypass, they removed 90% of the scar tissue (lower, left side of heart wall) and reinforced the wall of the heart with mesh. It has been 3 mo since then, and the anxiety is still there , its getting better but i still have my bad days and i am on coumadine ( 3-6months) altace,amiodorone and lipitor. my meds have been cut way down. I still have palpatations but no vt attacks, yet. i do get ( what feels like little electrical charges going across my chest which cause a lot of my anxiety) ??? has anyone had any of this? or am i worrying over nothing??