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I Am A 42 Year Old Female With Pvc's I Guess. I've Seen 4 Cardiologist And They All Said The Same Thing, Benign, Not Life
Threatening. My Heart Freaks Out. I Have Had This Problem Since
I Was In My Teens. But Back Then It Was Once In A Blue Moon, Now
Its Everyday, At Least For The Last Year. What I Feel Is My Heart Going Into Convalsions. Sometimes Just Once And Sometimes Four
In A Row Skip Beats. It Is The Most Scary Thing (besides Dieing) And It Makes You Feel Like Your Heart Is Going To Stop, Cause Its Out Of Control. They Put Me On Beta Blockers And I Felt That They Got Worst. But The Cardiologist Asured Me That , That Was Not Possible, Beta Blockers Cannot Make Heart Fluttering Worst.(yeah Right) Now One Year Later I Am Still Having Problems So They Decided To Put On Lanoxin, Lowest Dosage Possible. I Am So Scared
To Take It That I Haven't Started The Med. If There Is Anyone Out There That Takes This Med For Heart Fluttering Please Let Me Know About It. I Really Hope That I Can Get Help On This Board, Atleast Some To Talk To About This. This Heart Problem Has Destroyed My Life. I Don't Go Out And I Don't Sleep At Night Cause It Happens Alot At Night. Help Please!:( :(
My Mom has been taking Lanoxin for years - she has atrial fibrilation - I don't think she's had any side effects from it, but I will double check and let you know. Did any of the cardiologists recommend a Holter, or any other heart tests? (EKG, echo, etc?)
First of all thank you so much for responding. Yes I have had a holter moniter, event moniter for 30 days, echo ultrasound and 2 stress test with
pictures of my heart taken before and after. My cardiologist states that my
palpitations are more a bothersome than they are life threatening. Of coarse
I don't feel that way. He put me on the Lanoxin so that my heart won't go
into fibrillation. The last holter moniter recorded a couple of skipped beats.
And one of them was 4 in a row, so he recommended the lanoxin so that I
don't go into fibrillation. I am planning to start taking the medication tonight,
but I always plan on it and then don't do it. I still take atenolol 50mg twice
a day and enalapril 20mg once a day for my blood pressure. I also take an
aspirin 81mg a day and metformin 500mg twice a day for diabetes. I have my
diabetes and blood pressure pretty much under control but I can't get the heart palpitation under control. It is the most scariest thing. I can be having
a wonderful day and the minute my heart starts to skip beats, I get all freaked out and my day is ruined. I have gone to the hospital emergency
room on numerous occasions and by the time I get there my heart is fine. I know that it isn't my imagination, but I just don't understand why the cardiologist thinks its okay. By the way I did pass all the tests they ran.
I'll let you know if I get up the nerve to take the Lanoxin. I just want it work. I guess I will never know unless I take it.:confused: thanks