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I have had Afib since the late 70's. In 1998 I was given an AV nodal ablation.
I am on my second pacemaker. I have been told my heart's left ventrical is mildly enlarged, but my EF as of one month ago was 68%. I walk on the treadmill at 3.2 mph for thirty minutes and am increasing my time for endurance. I don't feel exhaused afterwareds. I also lift eight pount weights and will be increasing this.

I read that long time afib causes heart failure. My cardiologist states I am not in heart failure. My primary says no, but you have a weak heart. I also was told heart failure and a weak heart is the same thing.

I mentioned having a second ablation to see if the AF could be stopped, but was advised against it for reasons I don't know. I have been on Rythmol for ten years and lanoxin for about twenty. My heart rate is stable. My blood pressure is sometimes very low
(100/80) and some times normal. The only thing I have been told is if my heart rate begins to run rapidly go to the ER.

I also read that the longer a person has AF the greater the changes of heart failure. It has to do with the heart fibers remodling the heart. Now this is the big question. If I can walk 3.2mph for 30 minutes on a treadmill and not be exhausted and also have an EF of 68% how can I have a weak heart.

I do have periods where I get very weak, but sooner or later get better. I can go for a few days felling terrible and then feeling fine for a few days. I don't know if this is the Afib (can't feel it becuse of AV ablation) or heart failure. Any advise from someone who has had experience with this would be greatly apprecitaed. - sam