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[QUOTE=shirley2502;3562200]I am 65 years old--diagnosed late last year CLL B cell. Stage one asymptomatic except for severe fatigue. The first thing my onocologist said to me was "if you are going to get cancer, this is the one to get" Sound weird??? I thought so at the time. But this is a very slow progressing disease--I met a lady the other day that was dx 30 years ago. They are doing soooo much research, that things change almost from day to day. The B cell is the less agressive , the T cell being the most aggressive of the CLL cancers. I had a bone marrow done a few wks ago--it was not as bad as I anticipated. Mind you, I would not stand in line for another one--ha ha--keep a positive outlook and educate yourself--let me hear from you
I this chronic lymph.leukemia?? My mother was diagnosed in 2005. Only taking iron with no symptoms until Nov.2006 when she began to have severe itching all over her body. The doctors have given her "burst of coritsone" which quiets the itching completely, but they are reluctant to give an rx for long periods of time for worries of any liver damage. But how much more damaging is itching yourself to death (even in sleep) She is now on 10mg prednisone twice daily which hardly helps at all. Her wbc is not too bad at in the mid teens. Has anyone heard of itching with this?? Doctors wanted to give her an 8hr iv of Rituxan, cancer drug which she did not want and then Rx for Leukeran, which a new doctor did not even discuss but this drug "may cause additional cancers" according to package inserts. We are worried that if she starts taking a regular cancer med. that there will be no going back. How is it that some people have few symptoms for 20-30 years?? Any suggestions or anyone's knowlege of this miserable side effect of this CLL would help.-Chloe'08