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Everyones telling me that abduction exercise is ok. The therapist in the hospital plus the surgeon's physician assistant. Frankly I can't do it without assistance. My cousin the nurse also says ok. But I will keep asking

"Right now Im at desktop. I have a keyboard that's wireless so I can type, a little awkwardly without strain. Will move to laptop soon.

Had a scare yesterday--got symptoms of a UTI--calld dr.--got levaquin prescription and started to feel better within hours. Came at same time I had been givenlaxative--so had hell of an afternoon with bathroom issues. But finally, everything came out (so to speak). Last night exhausted. This morning, just took pain pills and getting ready to exercise in about 30 mins.

Getting a really serious black and blue mark on leg and swelling--which, of course, was expected. but still, got my first eyeball at it in the mirror. Good thing won't be in any beauty contests for a while.

So. today is day 5--my niece is coming tonight with my sister in law. Chaos will ensue, but my dogs will be thrilled. I"ll keep you posted. Yesterday before I got distracted with bathroom issues, I walked down the block and back.