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I am completely new to this, only being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and insulin-dependant last week.
I visited my doctor after losing around 3.5 stone in weight for no reason just over a few months, excessive thirst, blurred vision and so on. She completed a blood test and the next day she rushed me into A&E as my potassium as 6point something (apparantly heart attack level) and was started on insulin the day after.

Anyway, to cut the story short, I am now injecting NovoR**** insulin 3 times a day, and Levemir over night. I have had my dose changed a few times by my diabetic nurse, and I am now on a 6,6,8 (Novor****) and a 14 (Levemir) dose.

However, we are rather confused as to what to look for in food.
On the back of each product at the moment I'm looking at Carbohydrates and of which sugars. I assume both of these need to be low, if so, what is advisable? I realise fruit and vegetables are important.
I tried to do some research but couldn't really find anything useful.

My glucose levels have been all over the shop, as low as 3.4 and as high as 16.9 - though they seem to be settling a little.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.