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Has anyone tried Levemir? It's a new long acting insulin, similar to Lantus. My doctor gave me some samples and wanted to look it up on the net. It's in a pen that can give doses up to 60 units. She wants me to take it 2 times a day.

The product website states the amount to take varies on blood glucose pre-meal. How do I know how much to take with my differing glucose levels? The Lantus is working fine at controlling my fasting sugars. We are hoping that this Levemir will help with my after meal levels, which are terrible.

My A1c that was done last week was 8.9, six months ago it was 8.5, and a year ago it was 7.8. It's getting worse instead of better.
I, also, have just started Levemir. With the discontinuance of UltraLente I needed a new long lasting insulin. Have previously tried Lantus and did not care for it.

Am going to try mixing it with Humalog, which is what I previously did with UltraLente, .
Hey...thanks for reposting the question. I had asked about it last week but had no replies yet.

I've been reading as much as I could find about it on the net but didn't find much, especially in the way of testimonials or much research in how it compares to Lantus specifically (which I'm currently on - 20 units).

My pharmacist actually brought Levemir to my attention a few weeks ago. Her rep had just come in and handed her a bunch of info on this newy available insulin, which she kindly passed on to me. From what I can understand, I would be replacing my Lantus dose with a Levemir dose 1:1, taken at my usual 9:00pm.

At my appointment next week, I will be discussing with a CDE/pump nurse in detail whether Levemir is an option for me. I hate using a syringe for Lantus (don't have the pen format here in Canada), 'cause the needles are too long for me (even the short 8mm ones). That's the main reason I want to consider Levemir. That and also I find Lantus stings and doesn't last the full 24 hours for me.

Ed...According to the big bold lettering I read on the manufacturer's web site....you absolutely cannot mix Levemir. May want to check it out??

Nakita...like you, my last few A1Cs have progressively gone up. I'm stuck in the high 9s. Will get my latest results next week, too. I've been on Lantus for a year now. Also, my after meal BGs are not acceptable to say the least but whenever I up my Rapid dose, I surely go hypo.

The pump is where I'd eventually like to get to but, I'm willing to try something new at this point :-) Will let you know what they say later this week.

- Vikingirl
Hey...just thought I'd let you know that I started Levemir last night. Replacing my Lantus 20 unit dose with twice a day Levemir doses of 10 units each. So far so good. Today's numbers were great! We'll see what this weekend brings.

- Vikingirl
Hey Viking Girl,

Glad to here your first try with Levemir is good. I was on Levemir from 2/1to 5/1 (until I started on the pump). For me taking the Levemir 2x/day worked out great. You will use it dose for dose like the Lantus. My A1C went from 7.9 to 6.7 and the only change in my regime was the Levemir. Hope your numbers only improve.

Hi vikingirl,

Just wondering at what times you inject your levemir? I've been using lantus for a few years now but it's just been a nightmare. It definitely doesn't work 24 hrs for me and it seems to work very irregular too. My doctor now gave me levemir to try out. I think i will benefit from injecting it twice a day too. I'm on 16 units lantus just now.


Hi, Jannie....I inject between 7:30-8:00 both AM & PM. I was on 20Us Lantus and started Levemir with a 10/10 Unit split. I've since been moved up to 12 units for both AM & PM (been on it 4 weeks now).

Lantus always stung at the injection site and so does Levemir. I've gotten used to it and moved from thigh injecting to hip/top of butt injecting and find it a world of difference (I have no fat on my thighs so it was painful).

I had to give it time before seeing BGL improvements (couple weeks) and I'm still "tweaking" my regimen, but I think I'll get there :-)

- Vikingirl

Yeah that's the times i had in mind, good to hear that's what you do too. I realise i have to be patient and give it time but i'm very curious if it will work better than Lantus!

I've noticed the sort of stinging sensation too! It's strange, doctors don't seem to know that much about Lantus. I'm sure it peaks after a few hours of injecting too and i get a hypo but my doctor said that could not be the case. Ah well...

Thanx and good luck with the levemir, hope it works out for both of us!