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I have been experiencing lower glucose levels in the past week. I feel ok and not hungry, but when I take my levels, I've been coming up with anywhere from 76-99. This has not been the case until last week. I usually have levels about 120 in the mornings, and 155-130 two hours after meals. Not much has changed with my meds, I still take Levemir two times a day, 10 units each, and Lantus at bedtime 80 units.

I'm scheduled to have a hysterectomy next Tuesday. I'm wondering if the anxiety I'm feeling is having an effect on my sugar levels. I know that stress can increase levels, but I've never heard of anxiety or stress lowering them.

My doctor says to continue the meds as usual. I have been more tired than usual, but that usually happens when I'm under stress or anxious about something. I also feel extremely overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done.