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Hi, Oscar. Having had similar problems as you describe, I tried splitting my Lantus dose as Mark describes. Unfortunatley, it didn't work out for me, but we're all different. :-)
One thing you may want to try is taking your Lantus dose around dinner time, rather than bedtime. That way, if it is taking its sweet time getting working, you'll have your dinner's Rapid dose to carry you through until it does. Also, if it is running out around the 18-22 hour mark, that would make it afternoon time and dinner (with its shot of Rapid), is just around the corner. If is is running out before the 24 hour mark, you'll see possibly higher "before dinner" test results but, I think it's easier to deal with by using a "fix" dose of Rapid with dinner than the more wild fluctuations at a time when you're sleeping.
For the past couple months I'm now on Levemir split 2xday, 11 units at 7:30AM and 14 units at 7:30PM and still trying to get better control by tweaking the basal doses and adjusting meal ratios. I just keep working at it.

Good luck! Cheers,
- Vikingirl