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I'm a slender Type1 and only use those really tiny 6mm, 32 guage needle tips with both my Levemir and NovoRapid insulins (they're made for kids and thin folks). The smaller the mm number, the shorter the needle length is and the higher the guage number, the thinner the needle is. Those 32's are hair thin. Just love 'em.

I was on Lantus but one of the reasons I made the switch to Levemir was because I could only get Lantus in a vial so had to use 8mm, 28 guage syringes. Horrible what I did to my thighs. Don't have much fat on my thighs so I now inject my Levemir in my hip/butt area. Soooo much better. I reserve my abdomen for my 3-5 injections/day of Rapid (slower absorbtion rate).

Injection techniques: I also more or less "gather" a lump of flesh - a flat hill - enough that I can stick the needle tip all the way in at a 90 degree angle (sometimes pushing the needle in at the same time as I'm "gathering" up some flesh around it), then let go of the pinch, making sure the needle is still all the way in before pushing the plunger to inject. I almost always have a bit of insulin wetness on my skin at the injection site because I always "prime" my pen with a shot first and that unit of insulin usually drips down the side of the needle and gets deposited where I inject. I would be more concerned if there was insulin still coming out of the needle tip after pulling it out, than having some wetness on the injection site.

Hang in there. The injections will come easier. It just takes a bit of time to find your own personal groove. Check out those tiny needles, too. They made a worls of difference to me.

- Vikingirl
We're supposed to be getting Lantus vials for pen injectors sometime before Christmas, here in Canada. The vial/syringe thing is a pain in the butt and I didn't seem to find those smaller syringes you refer to :-) I wouldn't mind going back to one injection a day rather than the two with Levemir but...I seem to be getting less hypos and better bedtime numbers with Levemir, even if at the cost of higher morning(fasting) numbers. I'll be reviewing my insulin regimen with my Endo next month so, we'll see what's the next best thing to the pump :-)

How'd your injection last night/this morning go, helpme911? Have you tried the fatty area just above the butt, just below the waist? I don't even feel it there.