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I use those 6mm, 32 guage "no pinch" needles for both my twice daily Levemir injections (hip/butt area), as well as my 3-5 NovoRapid injections (abdomen only). I'm 5'4", 108lbs.

I DO know what it's like to inject into very little fat. Being female, I have that little pocket of abdominal fat that makes it the best place for me to inject in that site. The hip/butt area has the least nerves near the surface so, I never even feel those ones. I have given up injecting in the thighs because I have the least fat there and I always seem to feel it or it bleeds.

You CAN pinch with those needles if you feel more comfortable but, DO make sure that as you let go of the pinch, you are also pressing in just a little too, to make sure you aren't losing any depth with the needle, (if your little "hill" is going to deflate a couple of millimeters, just make sure the needle follows the deflation). I always make sure that the needle is still all the way "submerged" before pushing the plunger. Once you've let go the pinch, push the needle in with just a bit of pressure and all should be assured. I do pinch (more like gather up) in the abdominal area mostly, just to get the needle in but, I rarely pinch in the hip/butt area. You might want to try that spot if your doc agrees. Lastly, those short needles are meant to go straight in (perpendicular/90 degree angle), not on an angle.

Good luck 911. You can do it! It does take a little bit of time (hey, you couldn't tie your shoe laces expertly right away, right?), but it will get better. Hang in there :-)

- Vikingirl

P.S. Another suggestion for if you don't think you might be doing it properly....would be to ask your doc/educator/who you see, to watch you do it.