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Before you commit to the pump, I would try what one of the other posters suggested. Use Lantus or Levemir to give you your background insulin (usually 1 shot per day) then use a fast acting insulin such as Humalog or Novolog to provide you a fast acting insulin when you eat (usually 3 shots per day). These insulins come in a convenient pen applicator so there is no need to worry about a syringe or vial. All you have to do is dial the dose and inject. The amount of fast acting insulin must correspond with the amount of carbohydrates injected so I would suggest you also see a dietician in this initial stage. If you learn to count carbohydrates, it will only help you in the management of this disease. Once you see how this works and have that learning, then you may want to try the pump. Yes, you will have fluctuations....highs and lows....but that is the nature of the disease, beacuse there is more to the body and glucose metabolism than insulin, but for the most part the above regimen will give you consistency and control and make you more confident. I use the Levemir / Humalog regimen ("poor man's pump"), and it is what works for me. Personally, I don't think I'd like having something attached to my body that is why I stayed with the shots. For the lows, I keep sugared hard candies in my pockets. 2-4 seem to do the trick. When you are low, your body craves the sugar so it is hard to avoid a big snack, but that big snack then will swing you completely in the other direction. We've all been there. Just develop a plan that works for you, and keep at it. Good luck!