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First, I would like to say thank you for opening this post. I'm a little scared and am loking for as much guidance and support as I can!!! With that being said, hello....

My name is Aphrodite, I'm 22 years old. I've been suffering from a laundry list of widespread symptoms for the past few months. In February I sought help from 3 different urgent care Drs within one week, after the sudden onset of the following symptoms:

neck/shoulder pain
racing heart beat
cold intolerance
bowel problems
heaviness on chest/chest pain
trouble swallowing
arm tingling/numbness

I was picked and probed for lupus, thyroid (general), rheumatism, muscle wasting, cervical and thoracic MRI, 3 sets of EKGs, chest X rays, etc.
At the time I was convinced I was having a heart related problem. 2 out of the 3 Drs blamed my symptoms on stress and anxiety attacks, the third suspected Thyroid, but dismissed that idea after the usual...you guessed it, my blood work came back "normal"! I tried my best to dismiss my symptoms thinking, maybe it was all in my head. Months went by and I continued to get worse, not better. I finally got to see my General Practitioner (my first visit EVER with him), I discussed my symptoms, and out of all things he asked if my mother was a worrier, I said yes (not realizing the trap I was making for myself)...and guess what, he sent me home with prozac. He told me some BS about how I was genetically predisposed to a brain chemical imbalance. I tried the prozac for a week, researched all about it, then quit taking it. Over time the following symptoms developed:

lower back pain
joint pain that changes from one week to the next (one day it's my lower back, then it's my big toe, then it's my hip, etc)
trouble focusing at night
puffy eyelids
occasional hoarse voice
losing of head hair
memory loss
brain fog
no energy to do go to the gym like I used to
excess hair everywhere but my head
severe muscle tension
muscle twitching, especially laying down
hard to staying alseep
sweet/sugar cravings
abdominal bloating
sleep apnea
blocked salivary gland
"moustache" appearing over my lip
coldness in limbs
(my newest), no period since getting off of levlen 28 (birth control)

Looking back on my life, I recall a variety of strange symptoms as long as I can remember....

exhaustion all the time (I'd miss an average of 40 days of school a year)
drinking an entire 6 pack of pepsi by myself everyday
binge eating of sweets
teeth grinding
trouble making decisions
overweight, couldn't seem to lose it no matter what
Got my period once in 7th grade, and that was it till age 18, when I started taking birth control....I then got my period every month, BUT lost a lot of weight, from 180 lbs to 140lbs, my breasts went from 36DDD to barely a 36D

All of my life I was heavy, and very sedentary!... until the age 18..I out of no where became a weight training fanatic. One day this past November I just lost my drive/energy....I went from 140 lbs, 21% body fat and a size 3 to 28% fat, 130 lbs, and a size 9 currently... strange isn't it!? Just like the rest of my story =)

All that considered, I am quite confident I'm suffering from hypoT...I've been researching as much as I can these last few months, while I've been awaiting my appointment with my GP. Well this Monday is my appointment with a brand new GP!(I got rid of my other one! what kind of Dr prescribes SSRI's after ONE visit?!)

As you can imagine I am incredibly intimidated by this visit...I would like to know how I should approach my Dr. I don't want to bomabrd her, but I want her to help me get through this. All of your suggestions are greatly appreciated!