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1. What type are you on?
I was on Levlen but changed to Dianne about 6 months ago for my skin.

2. Did you experience any bad/good side effects?
No nothing on either. Dianne actually seems to have helped with my mood swings.

3. Did you start taking it while still on your period or after? (If you took it while still on your period, did your period stop or did it go by as normal).
I think I started my first pack in the middle of my cycle. I didn't want to wait and didn't really take much notice of when I was supposed to take it. (I'm impatient :) ). With the Dianne, I was already taking my Levlen so I just started taking them like I would have a new pack of Levlen, with no breaks in between.

My periods continued like normal for a good 6 months before they began to get lighter.