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Hi Everyone,

Levora isn't actually a generic it's a different brand of the same BCP at Nordette. So is Levlen.

I took Levlen 28 for 10 years. My skin was great but my sex drive wasn't. Due to insurance the company substitued Levora for Levlen. The ACTIVE ingredients are THE SAME but I started breaking out again. My sex drive went up and so did my blood pressure.

Whether the drug is a generic or a different brand/manufacturer the active ingredients will be the same. The difference comes in the fillers which can make a drug cheaper to make. Fillers are not supposed to make a difference but they do, no matter what the drug companies try to tell you. If you find something that works well for you and can afford it, stick with it. If you had good luck with Nordette and experienced probs with Levora I'd ask for Nordette.

Hope this helps.
Well, it's supposed to be the same pill. The active ingredients are the same. You can have many manufacturers make the "same" pill. (ie-same active ingredients)

Once the patent on a name brand expires other companies are free to make the drug. This means other pharmaceutical companies as well as generic houses. What they can't do is duplicate the inactive ingredients (fillers) otherwise they couldn't make them any cheaper so there wouldn't be any reason to switch from the name brand. So they use different fillers which everyone say doesn't make a difference. They're inactive. But fillers do make a difference. I have seen this in myself and many others.

For me I actually liked the Levora better than the Levlen. (Except for the skin issue) But I had acne before starting Levlen so when I switched to Levora it was more like things went back to normal for me. My sex drive went back up. I got high blood pressure which runs in my family anyway and got my acne back. After 4 years on Levora and having to start taking some other meds in the meantime I just wanted to be done with the pill and I got an IUD instead.

All that to say they are technically the same pill. It's not like going from Nordette to Ortho Tri Cyclen or Alesse or Yasmin. Going from Nordette to Levlen or Levora, or Porshe (sp?) which I think IS an actual generic, should be like taking Nordette. Many people won't notice a difference but because of the difference in fillers many people do notice a difference. It could be the fillers in Levora effect the skin in a way the fillers in Nordette and Levlen don't...
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Thanks Tigress!
That's a kicker, for the pharmacist to say that Levora is a generic form of Nordette...what a dumb.a..!
I wonder why it's so much cheaper then..must be some cheapo ingredients. Thanks for the info. Now I can really get back on my Nordette with no BS information from my pharmacist!
We should ALWAYS have a choice on what we put in our bodies. I'm so sick of Insurance companies and doctors pushing their own agenda on us. I've heard that Drs. get royalties or comission $$ from different companies when they push their new drugs, that's why if your gyn or any Dr. tries to change your pills or push something new on you, when there's no feasable reason for it, I would seriously question it, and call them out on it. They're supposed to be Doctors not sales people.
Sorry for venting, just had to add my 2cents.
Thanks again, and I will keep you posted on my results if I see any. You do the same.

At first I didn't know Levlen or Levora were brand names either. I started out with Levlen and when the insurance co. sent me Levora and I noticed the change I asked my GYN about it. She's the one who told me Levora wasn't a generic, it was a different brand of Levlen. My insurance company sent me Levora as a generic substitute for Levlen. I never even heard of Nordette. They were substituting Levora as a generic for the name brand Levlen because Levora is cheaper then Leven. I think anything that's cheaper than the original is called generic so as not to "confuse" us "laypeople". Thank God my GYN is straightforward with me.