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Hey I have all of these symptoms, I'm 18 and 125 pounds and I've been to the doctor like 3 times and they just keep telling me they don't know what is wrong basically I've been tested for STD's and bladder infections and pregnancy but all came back negative, but my symptoms just keep getting worse, I have:
huge adominal pain and cramping
it burns when i pee
lower back pain
hurts a lot after eating where it makes it so i mostly eat liquids or drink liquids
Please help i don't know what is wrong! It just hurt so much i can barely sleep. I've been taking levlen 28 birth control i just started 3 months ago and im not sure if its related but i just don't know what is wrong.
Thank You! :confused:
So have all the problems you've had started around the time you've beeen taking the levlen? Depending on how frequent all the symptoms you have are occurring, it might not be a bad idea to stop taking the levlen to see what happens. What side effects does this levlen have?
Some of your symptoms are side effects to levlen.
find a doctor who will listen to you! have you talked to the doctor who prescribed you the levlen to see if that might be why you're so sick? it sounds like you are really hurting and a doctor needs to figure out what the problem is!