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Hey I have all of these symptoms and I've been to the doctor like 3 times and they just keep telling me they don't know what is wrong basically I've been tested for STD's and bladder infections and pregnancy but all came back negative, but my symptoms just keep getting worse, I have:
huge adominal pain and cramping
it burns when i pee
lower back pain
hurts a lot after eating where it makes it so i mostly eat liquids or drink liquids
Please help i don't know what is wrong! It hurts so much i can barely sleep I've started taking levlen birth control 3 months ago (I haven't been sexually active for about a month now), not sure it is related, but i just don't know what is wrong.
Thank You!

Do some research on levlen -- your new birth control -- and double check the side effects. If you go to [url]www.diagKNOWsis.org[/url] in the resources section there are several pharmaceutical websites linked there to use for your research.

Are you taking any other drugs? There could be some drug interactions, too.

What kind of doctor are you seeing? If you've been seeing your GYN, then consider going to a family doctor, or vice versa. Different kinds of doctors are more familiar with different body systems.

Hope your symtoms disappear very soon... keep us posted.