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I need a little advice. Since, im not all that expericed on the pill. Im on my second month using birth control. Im using levlen. I may have done something really stupid. I missed a day of INACTIVE pills. So, for some reason, the following day I took 2 of the inactive pills to make up for the very one that I forgot. Was that stupid? Will it affect my birth control??Please help. :eek:
I don't know anything about Levlen but for most birth control pills the inactive pills are just that...inactive. They are just sugar pills to remind you to take your pill so you won't forget when you take the active pills. Now there are some pills that contain a very small amount of hormones so that your body won't go crazy, but your gyno should have told you if that was the case because a lot of girls just throw out the pack when they get done with the third week of pills. I do that so don't worry they are probably just sugar pills.