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I had this in January. I thought my period was starting early on Jan. 1st. It was due on Jan. 10. I've had some perimenopausal symptoms for 10 years which were mild. Then after a week of light bleeding I went into what seemed like a regular period. After that I went back to light bleeding. I went to my gyn who put me on Levlen. It stopped after about 3 days. I am 48, but I'll be 49 in April. Last week I had my first period after being on birth control and it was way more than I expected. I had lots of heavy bleeding and nasties coming out with the blood. I had cramps like I hadn't had for about 3 yrs. Now I'm back on the pill. I almost feel like if I hadn't been back on the pill that the light bleeding was going to continue. As for emotional stuff bringing this on, my brother gave me DVDs of all the old family movies and it had my dad on it that I hadn't seen for years. He died 21 yrs ago. So could it be that extreme emotions brought this on? Who knows. It's like my body has decided if I'm to go into menopause soon, it's gonna give every ounce of a period that I can muster up. LOL.