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You are just starting! I began the peri-menopause phase at 39 1/2. I will be 49 next month. I had almost 10 years of periods just starting to get wacky. I was so good before that that I could tell you the day and time of day that I would start my period or ovulate. Then this January I started a light period on Jan. 1st. I wasn't really due until Jan. 10th or thereabout. But what happened next was a surprise. I had light bleeding/heavy spotting Jan 1-7 or 8, then a period type of flow, then back to light bleeding/heavy spotting. I went to my gyn who put me on birth control pills on Jan. 26. I hadn't been on them since 1982. My first period after being on Levlen was the worst in recent years. Ok, so back to your question--eat as good as you can -- all the fruits veggies, etc. and try to watch your salt and sugar. And exercise--I belong to Curves and I love it. But keep in mind even doing those things still you will have changes. I have been standing in the back of church for almost 10 yrs. Why? Because the Sunday before my brother got married I had Hot Flashes & my period at the Same Time!! I almost passed out. I was hot, it was July and I felt stuffy. I have had incidents where going into a department store or driving was overwhelming. IT was as if all the information tried to get into my head all at once and I couldn't process it. This happened twice. Once about age 40 where all the sudden it was like I could see cars come towards me, one on one side coming up and I couldn't handle the process of taking it all in. With going into the department store it was like I stood there and everything came at me all at once. This is hormones doing their chemical changes. Nothing is really wrong, it's just strange.