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I've been taking Ortho Novum 1/35 for almost a year now. I get my pills from a family planning clinic and when I went to pick them up today the lady gave me Levlen instead. I asked her if they were the same pills because they're in a different packaging and she said yes. When I noticed the name of the pills I asked her again and she said they're the same because they're both 1/35 (even though it doesnt say 1/35 anywhere on the drug info packet), they just have different brand names. She seemed very irritated when I asked her a second time but I wanted to know because I dont want to always switch pills.

I just want to know does the brand name of the pill matter? Will it still be the same pill as Ortho Novum? I just don't want to have to go through new side effects or gain weight from being on a new pill. Also, I used to have bad skin but Ortho Novum has really seemed to help. Will Levlen continue to help or will my skin go back to being bad?

Thanks! :)