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:wave: girls/ladies,
don't we just love it when we finally find BC that suits us and don't we just dread it when we feel that our BC is letting us down or living up to what we thought it would do for us!

i'm currently taking [COLOR="Lime"]Levlen ED 28 i've being having other problems of heavy AF's, i actually haemorrhaged the month before taking Leven and then the first cycle on Leven i haemorrhaged again and subsequently after loosing so much blood and it not likely to settle down for another 2-3 months i'm anaemic.
right now i should be due for my next AF in about 7 days, but i'm already starting to break-through and i've had achey PMT pains all day. My skin is awful too.....generally, this pill isn't suiting me, and it's showing.

i can't afford Yasmin at nearly $60 per month - - but i've some alternatives and wondered if you are/have taken them what your thoughts are? how did they work for you, any side effects and if there were side effects how bad they were?

the ones i'm interested in are monophasic:

any advice on these contraceptive pills would be really appreciated so i can make an informed choice :D