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I just heard about OTC-LO yesterday so I'm totally in the dark about it - I'd love to know about the experiences any other ladies have on it. I'm the same as TimDream, regular OTC and Mircette made me gain weight..so did Loestrin 1/20. I'm currently on Yasmin and although I haven't gained weight...I do experience some calf and arm pain. That's pretty much the extent of the bothersome side effects though - I actually lost weight on it (could be because every 3rd week I get nausea? ) lol.

I'm also interested in anyone who's tried Alesse and Levlite to see how they worked out.
Ok This Is My Story I Have Been On Mircette,and Now On Orto Lo I Hate!!!!! I Feel Like I Have Gained 10 Pounds In The Last 3 Months And I Have Really Bad Acne Which I Have Never Had On Any Other Birth Control I Am At My Wits End With Bcp I Wanted To Try Yasmin But My Gyno Said That 2 People Have Died Taking It Oversees So I Am Wary Of It Now. I Am Going Tomorrow To See If They Can Put Me On Something Else What Do You Ladies Think Of Loestrin Or Levlite?