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Hi. My boyfriend and I were thinking about me discontinuing the pill but after long discussions and help from the board (thank you!), we are going to find a lower dosage with less side effects. :-) Right now, I am on Orthotricyclen. I've been on it for a few months. I had occasional bleeding in the beginning but it seems to be working well. Unfortunately, I've been feeling pain in my calf and know it's not from exercising. It's definitely from the pill, so I'm going to go to my doctor today since it is listed as a symptom of possible blood clotting on the pill's insert.:-( I did a bit of research last night for a low dosage birth control pill and came up with 4 that have only 20 micrograms of estrogen - Alesse, LevLite, Loestrin FE 1/20 and Mircette. I'm going to ask my doctor her opinion and recommendation for a low dosage pill that's right for me but knowing my options familiarizes me with what she'll discuss with me today. Other low doseages are Desogen and Lo/Ovral, they have 30mc estrogen. Like you said, side effects vary individually. Hopefully you find a brand that works best for you.:-) Good luck!