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Hello. My doctor decided to change my birth control from Estrostep to Levlite because I was having bad cramps with my period on Estrostep. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with Levlite... good? bad? side effects? Any responses are appreciated! Thanks*
I just finished my active pills on Estrostep and am now taking the iron pills, so I will start taking Levlite Sunday the 10th. Still waiting to see if anyone is taking Levlite or if anyone has switched to a lower does pill... Side effects?? Any replys appreciated!*
TD, I was just prescibed levlite and will start them this Sunday ......have you started yours yet?

I'm switching from LoOvral .......I gained 12 pounds on these. No matter what I eat, how much I exercise it won't come off .....12 pounds is alot!!

I'm hoping I do better with levlite.
I will also start mine on Sunday. I was having bad cramps with my period on Estrostep and the 3rd month I had some spotting and experienced a lot of nausea so hopefully Levlite will be a little better :)