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To lower mood swings and irritability you would be getting on a pill with a lower progestin potency.
Some of these include:

Ortho Evra®, Ovcon® 35, Ortho Tri-Cyclen®, Othro-Cyclen®, Brevicon®, Modicon®, Necon® 1/35, Alesse®, Levlite®, Tri-Levlen®, Triphasil®, Trivora®

Out of the above, ortho evra patch is low both in estrogen and progestin but i dont recommend this one because its new, and currently ortho evra are expericing a lot of law suits coz of the patch..also the patch has a brand new type of progestin that hasnt been used before and some research indicate that its more dangerious then the ones in the pills as far as blood clotting goes.

Alesse, Levlite are low dose pills..with only 20mcgm of estrogen(the lowest you can get in combined pillls)..You might want to try one of these two also mircogynon 20 is a good one..

Incomparison to say Alesse, Levlite and Microgynon 20,
Yasmin has 30 mcmg of estrogen and 3.0 progestin... 3.0 is a lot if you ask me..MOST of the HIGH DOSE pills like Ovcon-50® (with 50 MCMG of estrogen) have around 1 Progestin...and Yasmin has 3.0.

So my guess is, with yasmin, people who get depressed on it, its because of the high dose of progestin in it.

Hope this helps you.