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The doctor has not tried birth control in relation to the cysts though I've taken it before for birth control purposes. About two years ago I got the Depo shot one time and it was horrible, I almost had my period continuously for 3 months while on it and gained weight, so I never got it again. After that I tried the patch and that made me pretty much instantly sick, so I tried Levlite (low dose combination pill) and that made me really nauseous and intensified PMS physical symptoms I was already having. After that I tried Ortho Micronor which is just progesterone and it gave me horrible mood swings - but no major physical side effects. If I took it for the cyts, do you know what kind I would need to take? The combination pills seem to be hard for me to handle but when the alternative is surgery, I would try them again.

I'm suppose to hear back today what the results of the ultrasound were. Have any of you had other symptoms related to cysts other than pain?

Thank you for your replies! :)