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I currently take a 30 microgram estrogen Pill with 0.15 progestin. This is a lower but not lowest hormone bcp.

Since I am older and taking this mainly to regulate my remaining periods before menopause, I think it might be better if I did a 20 microgram estrogen Pill like Levlite, Alesse or Mircette.

I didn't do well on Loestrin 1/24 and basically had my period the whole month + I was on it. Then I got put on Levora (to stop the breakthrough bleeding, which it did) but this might be more estrogen than I really need at this point in my life. I figure, why push it when a person might not need to?

I am hoping if I drop down to less estrogen I won't spot again, but I don't know for sure about this. Input?