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Waterfairy- It is crazy how almost identical our stories are. I also had that tight feeling in my knee, but have been experiencing that feeling off and on for a couple years. Especially if i was in a hot tub or took a really hot shower. I dont know if i have had this problem for a lot longer. Kinda scarey...

Well, today is one of my better days as well. I have been trying to take it easy though on my good days cuz i get in the bad habit that if i feel better, i tend to walk a lil too much. I go tomorrow to see how my PT/INR are doing. I hope its all getting stable. I have been waiting to go back to Cali to be with my husband. Im stuck in AZ (also living with my parents) : )

I really do think there is a light at the end of the tunnel for us, I just know we were hoping it wouldnt take so long. You are about 1 1/2 months further into this than me, but it seems like you had a lot more pain than I did. For the first week it hurt so bad i was in tears every night. I was given Vicodin. Now the pain is off and on. I did have to take a vicodin the other night when i had a "better day" and walked too much. Day by day i just keep telling myself that this is going away and I will be layin on the beach soon!!!

The pill I was on was called Levlite 28...I was however taking it continously so i never had a period. They think I have endometriosis and have so much pain during my cycle that they said it was safe to take them everyday. I honestly felt great while i was on them, but I will never ever take another hormone pill for as long as i live! It's crazy, but I have heard of so many girls that were on Yasmin and they got clots from it. I dont know if its because its a popular pill and a lot of girls take it, or if the risk is just greater with Yasmin. I have been on birth control though for 8 years now. A little too long I think. I started taking them everyday back in September.

Well, I will stop gabbing your ear off too hee hee.. Take care and I hope you have an even better day tomorrow. oh I wanted to ask why you arent allowed to drive yet? Is it because its the right leg? and have they told you any idea when you can go back to work? They say I cant go back to work "for a while" whatever that kind of time frame is...but I have been driving lately, they never told me not to, but im worried if I shouldnt be. I will ask them tomorrow. Well take care and hope you sleep good! I know I havent been able to sleep well in weeks! *hugs*