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Ok, so I was on Kariva (Mircette generic) for about 2 weeks and I stopped immediately because I was very depressed and had no appetite. I then started Tri-Sprintec (which I believe is the generic for Ortho-Tricyclen) and was on that for about 8 months. I recently came off of it because I was severly depressed and very emotional (crying for everything). I'm trying to find a new pill, I'm on it as birth control and also to help with my cysts.

The only problem is, I am very small and cannot afford to lose weight and I feel as though some pills cut my appetite away completely. I also suffer from chronic headaches and migraines and have heard that certain kinds of birth control pills can make those worse. I've been researching Alesse and Levlite (those are the next pills I will ask my doctor about). I'm at a loss right now, don't know what to do. :(

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd appreciate any input at all. Thank you ladies!!