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[SIZE="2"][FONT="Arial"]Well, I've been to the doctor on and off for several years. I would like others' opinions on this, with maybe some advice. Hopefully not biased. Let me start out saying that I am at the age of consent in my state, but one of my parents doesn't know anything about me and the other one gives me more problems than talking about this is worth.

I've been taking birth control for almost six years now, and along with that, I've either been throwing up, or have had severe--and I mean to the point of thinking I had Crohns (which i got tested and do not)-- IBS. I have taken numerous BC pills including:
[*]NuvaRing(well, it's not a pill, i know.)
[*]Ortho-tricyclen lo

So after those either making throw up every day, or have IBS flare ups severely and often... I stopped, and tried barrier methods, but they cause me severe pain and a rash. I've tried FC's, latex condoms, spermicide, lambskin condoms... basically every over the counter barrier method. I am allergic to spermicide because I have terribly sensitive skin. It's also very hard to find condoms that fit because my fiance is.. rather large.

I am not willing to get depo because i know I will be sensitive to the ingredients. I am also very afraid of needles. I have tried enough BCP's to know that hormones are the problem. I cannot afford a fitting for a cervical cap at this time, so that isn't an option, either. I am not comfortable with taking time before sex to insert something, and given the problem that I'm allergic to spermicide, and my canal is short, nothing stays in place. I cannot keep the ring of the FC in, or the NuvaRing all the way up to the cervix. I know the placement of that has no effect, but it bothers me.

So, ever since I stopped the hormones, I have not had severe IBS flare ups, though, they still happen around period time, nor have I had times where I got this "eggbreath" thing, where I burp and it smells bad, then i throw up a few minutes later, as I experienced with Oral birth control. The NuvaRing didn't give me this often, but still a bit, but it did give me terrible IBS flare ups. Now that I'm off of everything, I've gained about 30 lbs, have very oily skin with blackheads and acne, have long, heavy periods, bad PMS, mood swings and a large appetite. As I said before, I have never experienced a period normally. They have always been birth control induced. I started birth control a few months after I had my first period. My doctor is frustrated and decided that she wasn't going to put me on more birth control because the oral ones she prescribed have given me terrible migraines with severe nausea. I stopped them after a month of immobility and an inability to leave my home.

I would like some form of birth control that won't make me sick, and will not inhibit spontaneity. If it does, I lose the mood, and I can't get it back. I know, the BCP sounds like the best option, but work makes it impossible for me to remember what time I take it, and I don't remember every day.
I also forgot to mention that the month after I went off the bill, I had a "perfect" period. It may be long and heavy, but that's pretty normal for me. It is exactly 28 days, and my period is exactly 7 days long. I can tell exactly when it' s going to come by the hour, so we have been using withdrawl with the calendar method. So far, that hasn't proven us wrong. I'm just a bit paranoid.
Any suggestions? I've read that pre-ejaculate contains sperm, and I've also read that it hasn't.