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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Navy"]Again, depending on how you feel, another option to explore with your doctor would be to leave the Armour dose as is and gradually add T4 (Synthroid or Levothroid or Levoxyl or Unithroid) to see if that brings the Free T4 up to a better level for you. Next lab, since he is doing Free T4s, see if you can get the Free T3 ordered as well.

The reason I suggest the above is that many medical professionals, while they don't mind adding T3 if needed, would prefer treating with T4. It is less likely to result in overdose than a T3 if you accidentally take more than prescribed. Although it might make the tritration process a bit more tedious, you may find you can find a happy balance of added T4/T3 to make you feel good without suppressing the TSH lower than typically recommended. There is a lot of controversy over TSH suppression and the effect long-term. While one day it may be decided it isn't a problem, there are plenty of reputable doctors who would rather err on the side of caution in treating their patients.

Personally, whichever med I am taking, if I can feel good at or around a TSH well within the normal lab range, I would prefer that over taking possible risks suppressing it.

Just some thoughts ... :) [/FONT]