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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Navy"]At a TSH of 6.4, I had experienced every classic and nearly every non-classic symptom I've seen listed, plus some others I think may have been invented just for me. ;) Suffice it to say, I was very ill.

Yes, I felt progressively better along the way, but there were valleys in between labs and dose increases where I felt worse again for awhile. When you hear people here talk about it being somewhat of a roller coaster ride, that's generally what they mean.

[COLOR="Purple"]A brief of my history here:

I was diagnosed early May 2006.
Started out at TSH 6.4, was given 50 mcgs (.050mg) Levothroid.
Six weeks later TSH was 3.7, given 75 mcgs Levothroid.
Six weeks later TSH was 2.7, given 88 mcgs Levothroid.
Eight weeks later TSH was 1.9, given 100 mcgs Levothroid.
Three months later TSH was 1.7, given 125 mcgs Levothroid.
May 1, 2007 TSH was 2.7, given 150 mcgs Levothroid.
July 17, 2007 TSH was 0.53.
Please don't stick a fork in me, but I think I'm done.

I feel great and I agree with your doctor that TSH is an excellent measure of where the hormones are in most people. On the 17th I was a little surprised at the result because I was feeling some residual pain, so I was thinking there would be another increase. Not. And then I began to notice today I don't feel that pain anymore. I think I know what happened. For awhile here the temps and humidity were higher than comfortable for me. I don't usually drink diet pop, but I did drink diet Dr. Pepper quite a bit during that time. When it cooled off, I stopped. I think that was the cause of my pain.

I'll have to remember from now on, if I'm going to drink diet pop, I need to stick with the few that use Splenda, even though I don't like those as much.