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Hi everyone,
I am writing for some advice, since I have no clue..I am taking 3- 325mg. ferrous sulfate daily {although, a lot of days, I can't seem to fit it in and am now taking 2 doses at times} 1500mg calcium 3 x daily for low calcium due to parathyroid damage for thyroid cancer surgery. I have read on here and have been helped in the past by ChristineVA who told me to take the calcium and iron 3 hours apart from each other, which I am doing. I take Levothyroxine at 6:30 am, and I have to wait 4 hours to take calcium, then I wait 3 hours for iron, then calcium, iron, calcium, iron.{usually end by 11:30pm to try to get it all in} NOW my new question, my B12 was at 202 {180-900} so I called and the nurse said to take 1,000mcg. daily of B12. More pills, where do I POSSIBLY fit these in? With the calcium, or with the iron, or whenever??? You have all given me such wonderful advice and I sincerely appreciate it. Oh, yes, I almost forgot, I do not have any more bloodwork until the end of April, so is it ok to continue with the iron for that long? I don't want to take too much for too long, although my ferritin needs to be raised also, it was 5 on one labs test, and 11 on the other. So, ok to continue iron 2-3x daily? Also, please help to let me know if the B12 interferes with anything. Thanks so much,