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Hi Everyone,
I was just wondering what meds everyone is on to manage their TMJ disorder. I had an arthrocentesis earlier this month, and haven't had any relief. On Wed. I receive my new splint which I am very hopeful about.
Right now I am in severe pain despite my doctors efforts to manage it. I am taking:
Naproxen AM&PM
Skelaxin AM, noon, PM
Flexeril PM
Lexapro AM
Lortab when needed
You would think that this "arsenal" would relieve some of the pain, but I am still having sharp spikes and constant throbbing.
I am thinking about seeing a pain specialist like several of you have recommended. I want to arm myself with as much info as possible. What medications have you all had success with?
Thanks in advance, and hope you are all having a pain-free night!
So here's an update on my pain "arsenal":
Kadian 20mg 1xday
Naproxen 500mg 2xday
Skelaxin 400mg 3xday
Flexeril at night.
Lexapro 10mg 1xday
Nothing for breakthrough right now. I go back to the doc in two weeks to determine what needs to be tweaked and worked out.